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In congenital PAP, individuals are born with genetic mutations that disrupt the production of normal surfactant. These mutations lead to production of abnormal surfactant.

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Personnel time- Part of nonmechanical delay time in which a machine lacks an operator or any other member of the machine crew . Delay time- Sum of disturbance time, service time, and repair time . Time when a machine is actually undergoing service time. Reserve forest land- Noncommercial forests that are productive but reserved for recreation or other nontimber uses . LandingCleared area in the woods to which logs are yarded for loading onto trucks for shipment to a processing plant. Stand age- Age of trees of the dominant forest type and stand-size class. KG bladeBlade on a crawler used to clear unwanted vegetation in preparation for planting tree seedlings .

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Read more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Educating yourself on the science and the social responses will help you understand the situation and help explain it to others. If you know them all, well done on being so thoroughly informed. If not, this guide will cleared out synonym help you brush up on the ever-changing lexicon you need to get along in a coronavirus world. We’ll continue to update this story as our social response to the virus evolves. In swedish, we have a single word for it , but when translating that it only gives clears his throat .

While it is known how GM-CSF autoantibodies cause disease , it is not known what causes the disease to start . However, PAP occurs more commonly in smokers suggesting cigarette smoke is a ‘trigger’ for the disease. In autoimmune PAP, a feeling of breathlessness is the most common symptom. Most patients develop dyspnea very slowly over time typically noticing it only with activity at first and eventually also at rest. As the disease gets worse from the buildup of surfactant, the fingertips can become bluish in color due to a low level of oxygen in the blood. This can be a dry cough or a productive cough that produces whitish phlegm .

Currently, with technology, the state of abundance, and customers’ high expectations, the product life cycle has become shorter and inventory becomes obsolete much faster. Several volunteers cleared a large piece of land in the forest. Can increase chances of survival by avoiding overcrowding hospitals, running short on pivotal supplies before they can be replenished and overworking medical staff. This is a deeply sobering account of what happens when the COVID-19 disease overwhelms medical and support systems. Community spread is an early sign that a disease can rapidly affect local, even global, populations.

cleared out synonym

Find out which words work together and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Top 2000 English words, Calculator functions and signs, Light bulbs, more… He has finally been cleared for highly classified information. After twenty years, our house is clear of the mortgage.

This is usually an indication that infection is present. The natural history, although poorly studied, may involve worsening of disease over time and progression to respiratory failure at various ages, depending on the specific gene involved and mutation present. The genetic mutations prevent GM-CSF receptors from functioning normally and thus block the effects of GM-CSF on surfactant removal by alvoelar macrophages. The natural history is also similar to that of autoimmune PAP except that spontaneous improvement has not been reported. The lung is composed of millions of tiny air sacs with very thin walls that allow oxygen in the air we breathe to pass through into the blood. Surfactant is an oily substance comprising phospholipids, lesser amounts of cholesterol, and proteins that is made in alveoli.

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Tree lengthEntire tree, excluding the unmerchantable top and limbs . Tree-length logging Felling and transporting the trimmed bole in one piece, whenever possible, for cross-cutting at a landing or mill . Timber removals from sawtimber- Net board-foot volume of live sawtimber trees removed annually for forest products and other removals, such as growing stock trees removed by cultural operations .

  • Servicing is fueling, lubricating, and doing the work specified in a scheduled preventative maintenance program.
  • Sawtimber stocking at least equals poletimber stocking.
  • Yarder wood Wood brought into a yard in the form of tree lengths, logs, or bolts, to be cut into shorter lengths .
  • Scheduled operating time- Time when a machine is scheduled to do productive work.
  • We’ll continue to update this story as our social response to the virus evolves.

It is present as a thin layer on the surface of alveolar walls and helps them stay open allowing air to come in and out as we breathe. Once used, surfactant is removed from alveoli by cells called alveolar macrophages.

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Growing-stock trees- Live trees of any size except rough and rotten trees. Poorly stocked stands- Stands in which the stocking of trees is from 16.7 to 60 percent. Overstocked stands- Stands in which the stocking of trees is 133 percent or more.

  • If not, this guide will help you brush up on the ever-changing lexicon you need to get along in a coronavirus world.
  • The chance for a child to receive normal genes from both parents is 25%.
  • Nonforest land- Land that has never supported forests.
  • Children understand the persuasive intent of advertising.
  • Read more at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • I think we are going to present to our Members something they can comfortably support.
  • Only softwood seedlings over 6 inches tall and hardwood seedlings over 1 foot tall are counted.

Fan- Part of a chipper that creates an air stream, moving the chips out of the chipper housing . Chipper discharge- Denotes the direction chips leave the chipper housing.

Actual productive time- Time spent using the machine to carry out the actual task . Operating time- Time during this period can be either productive or delay time . Slasher buncher- Used to cut logs to predetermined lengths and arrange them in piles on the ground. Processor- Multifunction machine that does not fell trees but handles two or more subsequent functions. Swath cutter- Self-propelled harvesting machine capable of continuous movement while simultaneously felling multiple stems across a 6- to 8-foot wide swath . Slasher- Mobile machine designed to cut felled trees to a predetermined length with a shear or saw. Skidder- Self-propelled machine designed to transport trees or parts of trees by trailing or dragging.

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Soil adhesion – Sticking of soil to foreign materials such as soil implements, tracks, or wheels . Chipper infeed- Series of rollers at the front portion of the chipper where the material to be chipped enters . State- Land owned by States, local public agencies, or land leased by them for more than 50 years. Miscellaneous private- Privately owned land other than forest industry or farmer owned. Forest industry- Land owned by companies or individual operating wood-using plants.

The contra asset account is netted against the full inventory asset account to arrive at the current market value or book value. Obsolete inventory is a term that refers to inventory that is at the end of its product life cycle. This inventory has not been sold or used for a long period of time and is not expected to be sold in the future. This type of inventory has to be written-down or written-off and can cause large losses for a company.

cleared out synonym

Use our search box to check present tense, present participle tense, past tense and past participle tense of desired verb. The complete disarray of the opposition parties leaves the field clear for the government to implement urgent reforms. Understand the reasons why certain individuals choose to hunt animals for sport. Children understand the persuasive intent of advertising.

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Yarder wood Wood brought into a yard in the form of tree lengths, logs, or bolts, to be cut into shorter lengths . Yarding of unmerchantable material Yarding of cull, rotten, small, or otherwise unsalable wood material to a designated area for disposal is written into the timber contract. Required on all USDA Forest Service timber sale contracts . Yarding roadPath followed by a turn of logs yarded by a cable method . Yarding tower Steel tower used on a steel spar skidder. Tree farmParcel of land on which trees are planted, cultured, managed, and harvested as a crop . Includes all activities from stand establishment through delivery of commercial timber to a log yard at the initial commercial product processing facility .

However, when the write-down is large, it is better to charge the expense to an alternate account. Seedlings- Live trees of commercial species with diameters less than 1.0 inch that are expected to survive . Only softwood seedlings over 6 inches tall and hardwood seedlings over 1 foot tall are counted. Rotten trees- Live trees of any size that do not contain a merchantable 12-foot saw log, now or prospectively, because of rot . Volume of growing stock- Volume of sound wood in the bole of sawtimber and poletimber from a stump to a 4-inch minimum top diameter outside bark or to the point where the central stem breaks into limbs.

Coughing up phlegm with streaks of blood , with or without fever, usually indicates that infection is also present. Rounding of the fingernails and swelling of the finger tips is not a sign of autoimmune PAP. Fatigue, weight loss, chest pain, or a general feeling of ill health can also occur. Less commonly, secondary infections can occur in or outside the lungs. At any given time, about thirty percent of patients may not have any symptoms and the disease is discovered accidentally . An inventory reserve is a contra asset account on a company’s balance sheet made in anticipation of inventory that will not be able to be sold. Obsolete inventory is inventory that a company still has on hand after it should have been sold.

When inventory can’t be sold in the markets, it declines significantly in value and could be deemed useless to the company. To recognize the fall in value, obsolete inventory must be written-down or written-off in the financial statements in accordance withgenerally accepted accounting principles . SARS-CoV-2 is highly contagious, spreading through “respiratory droplets” and contaminated objects, like a door handle or other shared surfaces. Person-to-person spread means you can trace how the disease got from one person to another through direct contact, like shaking hands. Community spread refers to people in the same location contracting the virus without an obvious chain of events. Soil failure- Alteration or destruction of the soil structure by mechanical forces such as in shearing, compression, or tearing .

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Ring debarker- Used primarily to remove bark from saw logs and veneer bolts. An infeed conveyor advances the log longitudinally into the feed rollers, which automatically center the log in the rotating mechanical ring. The ring has five crescent-shaped fingers that open automatically as the feed rollers force the log against them and the log advances through the rotating mechanical ring. Chipping- Breaking or cutting trees into small pieces of controlled fiber length. If you say that a message or statement is crystal clear, you are emphasizing that it is very easy to understand. You can clear your head ; clear the way ; or clear the trees to make a clearing where you can pitch your tent.

Waiting repair timeSee machine time, scheduled operating time, delay time, mechanical delay time. Water table Upper limit of a saturated zone in the soil . WetlandTransitional area between dry land and aquatic areas having a high water table of shallow water. YarderSystem of power-operated winches used to haul logs from a stump to a landing.